Update from 26/02/2018 We have had some feedback on the reliability of the site, our platform is under construction, we go through a translator that makes our say can correct, for that we urgently seek a translator FRENCH > ENGLISH to improve our communication, we have a lot invest we can not afford an expensive translator. Regarding platform revenue, go through crypto currencies and blockchain allows us to ensure full transparency of the ACTIF website revenue via this link:

Update of February 22, 2018:
All our services will soon be operational, we proceed to some aesthetic finishes.
We have once again been flooded with applications, we could not answer everyone but we are working on it.
A final patch is under development to be able to Buy and Sell.
A token exchange fix is ​​planned we are also preparing the coding.
Thank you again for your patience, good trade!
The staff

Update of February 20, 2018: Our mailbox has been full of new mails following the opening of our platform and we thank you very much for the interest you have entrusted to us.
We could not answer everyone but we are working on it, nobody will be left out.
We will in a next update install PAYPAL payment system but to promote cryptocurrency we will not align with the paypal price.
(To influence the payment by cryptocurrency system we will offer better offers).

To wait for the development of the paypal script here is my for the donations,
93110 - Rosny-sous-bois

Updated 19 February 2018: Purchase order requests are not available by the form on the contracts page.
For the moment any request will be studied manually by our team waiting for the development of automated programmed scripts. Our contact support remains available for any inquiry.
The first characters for sale are exchangeable in ETHERUM CLASSIC

The price of this virtual currency can vary between 15 $ and 40 $ we invite you to take a position of your stock when the price is affordable to the lowest in order to benefit from a better purchasing power during your passage on our markets.
The staff

News 17 February 2018 Development of the help section and upload of markets
Other updates are coming to make it operational and autonomous site.
Please wait a little longer before making the first transactions possible, we are still working on the payment system

Welcome on is today the first trading platform that opens its doors to offer you game accounts in exchange for Cryptocurrency and Token's.

Our team will commit to work to maintain the level of security of all transactions in order to offer you a quality service.

We are still in full development but our services are already working manually, we are working to offer you an automated platform in the coming days.

Thank you for your confidence
The staff,